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Welcome to Museum Avenue!


Welcome to Museum Avenue, a new blog about the world of museums from a unique perspective – mine! Many of you know me from Special ExhiBITs where I shared my thoughts on exhibits from museums across the eastern United States. Now in Museum Avenue I will share my thoughts on a whole host of subjects pertinent to museum life. Be sure to visit about me and about Museum Avenue for more information.

Many of you are probably wondering why I would choose a random Wednesday to launch a new blog, but today is a special Wednesday. Today I begin a new chapter in my museum career by beginning my masters degree in Museum Studies with Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs. Not so random now, huh? Read my blog post about being accepted into the JHU family. GO HOP!

Check back early and check back often as I add new content.

Are you a museum blogger? Let me know as I am looking for new museoblogs to follow!


Author: Czarshaw

I'm the opinionated, sarcastic, wanna be museum guru brining you a fresh look into the museum world from one of many Apple® devices.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Museum Avenue!

  1. Congrats on your new blog and starting your masters degree. Best of luck with both!

  2. Welcome to the JHU program and to the museum blogosphere!
    Here’s a list of museum-related blogs that I recommend reading:

    And a few Twitter lists too:
    New Media in Museums –
    Museum Education –
    Museum People (general) –

    p.s. You should take Internet Strategies next fall! Would love to have you.

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