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Celebrating 5 Years at Cincinnati Museum Center

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I know it is hard to believe, but today is my five-year anniversary (work-iversary, work-anniversary, whatever) at Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. In the last five years I have been apart of some of the most amazing blockbuster exhibits ever traveled. I’ve been knee-deep in Gold, lived in an underwater archaeologist’s dream with Cleopatra and relived the final hours of Pompeii. I’ve stood in awe at one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time – the Dead Sea Scrolls and celebrated the life of Princess Diana. 

When I started five years ago, I had 65% of a bachelor’s degree completed and Union Terminal had been just approved to go onto the fall ballot for an operating levy for the upkeep of Union Terminal. I had just moved to Cincinnati and did not fully comprehend the importance and magnitude of the building. My how we have come full circle. Not only have I completed my Bachelor of Arts in History, but am 60% done with a Master of Arts in Museum Studies with a target completion date of May 2015, and Hamilton County Commissioners again voted to allow us to be on the ballot this fall, but this time for the full restoration of Union Terminal.

I am blessed to have terrific colleagues and a team that is relentless, passionate and fun, and am proud to call Union Terminal my home. I would not have gotten here without the support (before and after moving to Cincinnati) that I have gotten from many of my friends from the Indiana State Museum. Everyone I have met in my museum career thus far has taught me something that I will remember forever.

Thank you!



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