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About Me

No idea what I’m smiling at.


Hi! I’m the Director of Program Development & Evaluation for Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. I gather data and make it pretty so business decisions can be made with relevant information. I also lead our evaluation strategies to collect actinoable feedback from our guests. Prior to that, I was the Manager of Special Programs & Exhibits for CMC leading special exhibition operations and programs for world-class traveling exhibitions such as Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith and Ancient Times, Diana, and A Day in Pompeii to name a few.

Before Cincinnati, my museum career started at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana as a program specialist working in facilitation of school and public programming.


I completed a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs in May of 2015.


Office Door

Office Door

I don’t really like to talk about myself. My favorite color is green and my favorite board game is Monopoly. This is probably why I went with Museum Avenue as the title. I enjoy thrill rides at theme parks, curating my comic book collection and cooking. I have a passion for travel and love to see and experience new things. Most of my travel has been domestic and East Coast based, but I was fortunate enough to spend a few weeks in southern France in the 90’s, and two weeks in London for my masters degree, and one week in Paris for fun in 2014. Wherever I go, I tend to visit museums as a hobby and have a museum magnet collection on my office door.

Favorite place to visit? I dislike having favorites because I feel pressured but my heart is in Chicago, I love New York City, Philadelphia and Boston are terrific, and Atlanta was great too just to name a few. I’ve driven well over 300,000 miles all over the Midwest and Eastern United States and have only been as far west as Kansas City, Missouri.

Places with Major League Baseball stadiums get priority in my travel during the summer. I love baseball and am a Chicago White Sox (I’m choosing to overlook this season) and Cincinnati Reds fan. I’ll root for most other teams if I’m in their stadiums (Sorry, Yankee fans). I hope to visit all MLB stadiums before I’m unable to leave the bed. My favorite stadiums? I knew you’d ask; I’d say Philadelphia Citizens Bank ballpark has the best food options, Boston’s Fenway Park is the best old stadium, and Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park wins most convenient because I can walk there from my house!


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